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About Us

In 1995, Gary Mac Herring, Jr. decided to open up a Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand in his small town of 600 people. When customers began to ask for full bottles of syrup flavors to take home, he had the idea of selling syrup online. Mary Mack's, Inc. is now the leading shaved ice and snow cone syrup manufacturer. Our Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand syrups are made in our state-of-the-art North Carolina facility.

Fast forward to 2020, Gary and his team (along with the rest of the country) saw a dire need to help bring people together and felt compelled to act. They had an amazing recipe for a lemonade slush and saw the opportunity to bring it to market as a brand to accompany marked moments that make people feel true happiness. If Scoot Frozen Lemonade has the power to help bring a feeling of fun and utter joy, Gary and his team wanted every part of doing that.

The Scoot team is just getting started! 


We exist to bring joy into the simplest moments in life, from the end of baseball season to the start of boating season and everything in between. These aren't big monumental moments; they are everyday, simple moments.


You haven't had flavor like this, and that's for a reason. It simply hasn't existed before. In the saturated market of sweet treats, we hang our hat on the simplicity of undeniably good flavor.


Creating overarching community is what drives us. Whether around our product or in our hometown or the organizations we support, the people and places that make up the communities we are a part of making us whole.

Scoot Frozen Lemonade is a cool and refreshing lemonade slush that comes in a convenient pouch, a perfect treat for any occasion - pool days, birthday celebrations, after-school snacks, and everything in between. As we said, they don't have to be big monumental moments but simple everyday moments. All you need to do is FREEZE, SQUEEZE, and ENJOY! Scoot products are proudly made in the United States from high-quality ingredients. 

Mary Mack's, Inc., our parent company, and other products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, TV Guide, CNN, and the Oxygen Network. 

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