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How many freeze pouches are included in the box? 

Scoot Frozen Lemonade comes in three flavors - Original Lemon, Strawberry, and Peach. Each flavor can be purchased in a pack of 6 pouches or 12 pouches. We also offer Scoot Frozen Lemonade in a variety packs, 6 Pack - (2) Original Lemon, (2) Strawberry, (2) Peach, OR a 12 Pack - (4) Original Lemon, (4) Strawberry, (4) Peach.  

How many ounces are in the pouch?

One pouch of Scoot Frozen Lemonade contains 3-ounces of deliciousness.

Are the pouches frozen when they ship and arrive at my house? 

No. Scoot Frozen Lemonade is sold shelf-stable, meaning it will come in a box. Toss them into your freezer to freeze, then hand-blend to get the perfect slushie consistency and ENJOY!

Is this a tart or sweet lemonade? 

Our lemonade flavors are the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

Can you refreeze the pouch if it thaws out?

We imagine you’re probably going to eat it one go, but the answer is yes - as many times as you need.

What do you mean "Squeeze"?

When you take a Scoot pouch from the freezer, you will want to massage the pouch some to get the perfect icy slushie consistency. Once you’ve “squeezed/hand-bend” for a minute or two, it’s ready to enjoy and can easily be consumed from the spout of the pouch.

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