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Scoot® Sleeves, 5 Pack

  • $8.99


No more cold hands! These Scoot® sleeves are an essential accessory for enjoying Scoot® Frozen Lemonade. Scoot® sleeves prevent your frozen lemonade from melting too quickly. 

Custom-designed Scoot® Frozen Lemonade sleeves are made of a durable, stretchy neoprene material. Scoot sleeves are washable and reusable, so you can comfortably enjoy Scoot Frozen Lemonade again and again.

The sleeve is custom-designed to fit Scoot Frozen Lemonade pouches snugly, preventing temperature loss. With a simplistic, slip-on design, putting your Scoot pouch into this insulated pouch cover is easy!

This set has 5 sleeves in a package. Perfect for a small group gathering with family or friends. Scoot frozen lemonade sleeves are great for enjoying Scoot at concerts and tailgating, backyard barbecues, outdoor parties, and for daily use.